About us

About Basis Consulting

The company was started in 1999 and was initially a purely consulting company focusing on providing technical services (SAP basis) for SAP software. We were typically hired on long time contracts for large Norwegian companies.

Around 2007 the market for long term consultancy for SAP basis services was decreasing. Experience from many Norwegian SAP customers and insight into their SAP operation gave the idea to start our own hosting business. We could build modern data centers from scratch without having to invest in old technology. Basis Consulting built the data centers with the idea to use standard hardware and automate the SAP services as much as possible.

We are currently providing stable operating services from our data centers to more than 50 customers, which again have hundreds of integration points and more than 1,500,000 end users. We do this well because we have built a standardized operating solution and have consultants with high expertise and extensive experience with complex applications. Each year we optimize and simplify our SAP operation to make our SAP hosting factory as efficient as possible.

Basis Consulting vision for our SAP Managed services:

  • Deliver cost-effective and stable 24/7 SAP Hosting and Operations services
  • Develop innovative solutions that make a difference for our customers
  • Build long term relations with our employees, giving our customers reliable operation by people they trust

Basis Consulting is proud that through standardization and skilled professionals we can deliver stable and good operating services.