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SAP Solution Manager Services

SAP Solution Manager as a Services (SSaaS)

Norway + Finland SAP expertise = SAP Solman as a Service (SSaaS) Qalmari (Finland) and Basis Consulting (Norway) can together deliver: SAP Solman consulting  -or- SAP Solman as a Service (SSaaS) Together with Qalmari, Basis Consulting can now provide highly agile and robust SAP Solman hosting and consulting to the functional and technical parts of the SAP Solman. With the Solman know-how at Qalmari and the strong basis and hosting excellence from Basis Consulting, this is an easy match. Let’s get your Solman in excellent shape!

SAP Solman as a Service (SSaaS) for VAR Partners

Together, Qalmari + Basis Consulting are able to bring supreme SAP Solution Manager functionalities to Nordic VAR partners. We will deliver the total package -> SolMan hosting + operation + maintenance + PCOE audit support + keeping your VAR support processes in order. You can focus on business development. About Qalmari Qalmari are experts in SAP Solution Manager and tools integrated into the SAP hemisphere. Qalmari was founded by the experts to be the company to meet the expectations and requirements from experts-a-like and our customers. – Contact us.