Customer portal (Service desk)

How to login to the customer portal (first time)

The URL:

Login with the provided username and password provided by Basis Consulting.

2. Get your authenticator app ready (download from Google play or App store)

Logging in to the customer portal for the first time you have to scan the QR-code with your preferred choice of ‘Authentication App’ (Eg: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, LastPass etc)

3. Open your authenticator app and find option for “Scan QR-code” and scan.  You will get an entry in your app with a “token” which constantly changes after some given time. Input this in the token field and press sign in.

You have now successfully enabled 2FA for your account. The next time you login to the customer portal, you only have to enter the token from your 2FA app after entering username/password credentials.

4. Hurray! You are logged in.
  • Next time you don’t have to scan the QR code, just punch in the authentication number you get from the App
  • If you loose your 2FA code, or got a new phone, please reach out to and ask us to reset your 2FA token. When it has been reset by us, you will have to reload the portal page and follow the procedure above.

Roles and functions in the portal

The displayed content in the portal depends on the role you have. A user can have more than one role. Ask a ‘Customer Approver’ in your company to get permission to change your role in the portal.

Validate a ticket

I have got a validation ticket in my mailbox. What is is?

A ‘validation support ticket’ is a part of Basis Consulting Service Desk and it’s a way for quick communication between the parties on issues/matters/tasks were we need an approval (Accept or Reject) from the customer without major delay. Them most commonly example would be to ask for approval for downtime. A ‘validation required’ ticket will only be sent to a ‘Customer Approver’ as email and the respond is either ‘Accept’ or ‘reject’.

To get more detail about the content of a ‘validation support ticket’, you have to to into the customer portal.

For users with access to more than one organisation:

1. To switch between organisations, choose arrow next to login name.

2. The content displayed for each organisation is based on the role and profile you have for the individual organisation. If you are missing content, ask for extended roles from a ‘Customer Approver’ in the named organisation.

How to download and enable VPN

1. Login to customer portal as shown above.

2. Navigate to Utilities in the menu and click on VPN Client Configuration
3. Download script according to your operating system.
4. WINDOWS USERS: Run script and connect to VPN: a) Running script and connecting to VPN on Windows Right-click the downloaded file named bcvpn..ps1 and click on Run with PowerShell. PowerShell should show on your screen for a second and the VPN should be installed. If prompted anything, press “Y”.

The VPN is now installed and can be found in network settings:

If you dont want to be prompted for username and password every time you connect to the VPN, click on advanced options and then edit.

Enter username and password (same as login to portal) and save.

You can now connect to the VPN either from network settings menu, or by clicking on the wifi icon in the toolbar menu on the bottom right.

5. MAC USERS: Running script and connecting to VPN on Mac:

Run the downloaded file named bcvpn..mobileconfig.
Navigate to network preferences and the VPN should be there. Enter login credentials (same login as to the portal) and connect.