Basis Consulting
Customer portal (Service desk)

How to login to the new customer portal (first time)

The URL:

  1. Login with the provided username and password provided by Basis Consulting.

2. Scan the QR code with your preferred choice of ‘Authentication App’  (Eg: Google Authenticator,  Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, LastPass etc)

3. Enter the token you have got from your authentication app in the ‘token field’ and log on

4. Hurray! You are logged in.

  • Next time you don’t have to scan the QR code, just punch in the authentication number you get from the App.

Roles and functions in the portal

The displayed content in the portal depends on the role you have. A user can have more than one role. Ask a ‘Customer Approver’ in your company to get permission to change your role in the portal.    
Role and functions
Portal user
Customer Approver
Change Manager
Displayed tiles
Tickets and contact
Tickets, Contacts, System info and SLA
Tickets, Contacts, System info, SLA and Changes
Tickets, Contacts, System info, SLA, Changes and Invoices
User rights
Can create and update own support tickets only
Can create and update all support tickets, validate tickets, display content in System info and SLA
Can create and update all support tickets, validate tickets, approve change requests, display content in System info and SLA
Can create and update all support tickets, display content in System info, SLA and can look at invoices and changes (but not approve)
Typical user
A user who only work on specific support tickets and don’t have any daily function in the operation
A user who is very much involved in the daily operation and also have rights to approve technical decisions and minor cost related task
A person who can take decision about approving cost and contract issues.
A person who wants an overview of the operation, but have no power to approve changes or validate tickets

Validate a ticket

I have got a validation ticket in my mailbox. What is is?

A ‘validation support ticket’ is a part of Basis Consulting Service Desk and it’s a way for quick communication between the parties on issues/matters/tasks were we need an approval (Accept or Reject) from the customer without major delay. Them most commonly example would be to ask for approval for downtime. A ‘validation required’ ticket will only be sent to a ‘Customer Approver’ as email and the respond is either ‘Accept’ or ‘reject’.

To get more detail about the content of a ‘validation support ticket’, you have to to into the customer portal.

For users with access to more than one organisation:

  1. To switch between organisations, choose arrow next to login name.

2. The content displayed for each organisation is based on the role and profile you have for the individual organisation. If you are missing content, ask for extended roles from a ‘Customer Approver’ in the named organisation.