SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) at Basis Consulting

An interview with Bengt Jonnson, Infrastructure specialist

Hello Bengt. I have heard Basis Consulting has quite a lot of experience with HANA. How long have you been operating HANA systems?

12.5 TB of HANA In Memory delivered. Each server has up to 3 TB Memory and the new Xeon E7 v2 processors (AKA “Ivy Bridge”)


Hi. We started the first HANA implementation in the summer of 2012 and we went into production September 2012. This was for SAP BW and we had some amazing performance results. Running a data warehouse In memory together with the Colum based approach gave a major boost for the customer.

SAP HANA TDI. What is the difference between HANA TDI and the “old” solution with HANA as an appliance? Please explain



The SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) approach is to align the HANA systems with existing infrastructure when it comes to network and storage. This means we can run our SAP HANA systems integrated with our existing infrastructure. To run SAP HANA as an appliance gives challenges when it comes to HA/DR over two site data center and it does not fit our automation and standarization method. The Basis Consulting best practice for SAP operation is to do as much as possible identical and automate manual operations. Now we can reuse our operational methods, together with mirroring, backup and snapshots routines and we are able to roll in those HANA systems really fast in our two data centers.

What is the process to get the HANA TDI up and running? What are the requirements from SAP?



SAP has certified servers, network and storage for TDI. This is to ensure high performance of the HANA systems. I guess SAP does not want  customer complaining about performance if they run HANA on old infrastructure that is “out of date”. We had to go through a process with SAP in Walldorf and in the end SAP has some performance tool that will benchmark the throughput and certified the HANA TDI setup.

Thanks for taking your time to explain the TDI concept for us, Bengt Good luck with those HANA projects!

About Basis Consulting:

Basis Consulting is specialist in SAP and their hosting center is specially designed for SAP systems. They are certified as SAP Advanced hosting partner and SAP certified in SAP HANA Operation Services

Interviewer: Svein Kolden, BC employee

(Published May 2014)