SAP License
(as subscription)

Get SAP licenses from Basis Consulting as subscription Basis Consulting Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) Solutions

Partner managed cloud is a licensing model for any cloud solutions from SAP or on-premise solutions from SAP that are hosted on Basis Consulting’s private cloud infrastructure. We will offer implementation, management, and support services to give you as a customer a fully tailored solution for a single subscription fee. Basis Consulting will take care of:

  • SAP Deployment or migration
  • SAP Private cloud management
  • SAP Licenses (as a subscription model)
  • SAP Support management

Basis Consulting PMC Benefits

  • All-in-one – pay a single monthly fee that includes software, hardware, service and support
  • Consume on demand – turn the SAP modules and usage up and down or on and off as required by you
  • Customer business control – take control over you own business, don’t let vendors and partners decide
  • Customer solution control – flexibility to customize SAP and to integrate with other partners/applications
  • Cost control – fixed price pr month – NO SURPRISES


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