SAP Managed Private Cloud

What is Private Cloud (Hosting) by Basis Consulting?

SAP software needs love, care and maintenance to run smoothly. SAP Operation from Basis Consulting relieves the pain for you to take care of these tasks. Our hosting (private could) solution is designed to give SAP customers a cost-effective, comprehensive, and flexible application management for your SAP landscape.

To have control over infrastructure and SAP operation gives our customers a stabile SAP environment and only one partner to blame if an incident occur. In addition to our services, add your SAP application partner or inhouse SAP team to cover the total development and operation.

Our SAP factory

Our infrastructure is based on modern cloud technology and enables us to deliver cost effective Private Cloud (Hosting) services to our customers.

Data Centers

Norway ranks at the top among the world’s most suitable countries for location of data centers. Political stability, location in fresh climate, reasonable cooling, access to public infrastructure in the form of networks and stable electricity are factors why many choose to build server park in Norway. The service platform is located in three different geographical areas in Norway and one in Germany.

  • Data center 1 – Oslo (Ulven), Norway
  • Data center 2 – Oslo (Lørenskog), Norway
  • Data center 3 – Trondheim, Norway
  • Data center 4 – Hamburg, Germany

All data centers have redundancy in the form of properly scaled UPS (emergency power), double power supplies, fire extinguishing system and cooling system etc. Redundant communication lines (fiber) are established between the locations.


Network services are a very important part of the Basis Consultings infrastructure. A well-planned network architecture is essential for providing stable services while maintaining the necessary flexibility to meet new requirements to our customers. Basis Consulting primary focus is security, and we have therefore chosen to use a “zone concept” where each customer’s network is located in its own safety zone. This also applies for WAN connections to customer and any partners. All traffic in and out of these zones is controlled by firewalls. In terms of WAN connections, there are great variations in customer requirements. All major ISPs are represented in the “Carrier Connection Rooms”. The most common connection protocols used are IPVPN and IPSEC over Internet. Both can be set up with full redundancy. This solution involves redundant lines, equipment and communications to the secondary location for a disaster scenario. Basis Consulting has own fiber channels in separate conduits between the primary location and secondary location. All the customer networks are built on connections with a minimum capacity of 10 Gbps, both internally and between the primary and secondary locations.


Our infrastructure service platform is an efficient, scalable and redundant platform where standard hardware components and open source technology is used. Basis Consulting’s infrastructure includes high performance storage systems with advanced functionality such as cloning, snapshots and mirroring. Systems can be relocated from the primary location to the secondary location at any time. Storage for production systems are mirrored between the data centers

Customer specific infrastructure

A key factor for the Basis Consulting’s operation effectiveness is the standardized architecture and configuration of each of the customers’ infrastructure in the data centers. This enables all members of Basis Consulting operational team to support each of the customers efficiently and seamlessly. All components in the data centers are virtualized and all central components are set up redundantly.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Basis Consulting CMDB is the central and most important tool for controlling the IT infrastructure. To be able to operate customer systems in a good and efficient way, we have put great effort in storing all relevant infrastructure and operational data into the CMDB which gives us full control of both the technology and the commercial aspects of the Contractor’s operations. As a result we have full control of the infrastructure and can provide a quality service to our customers. Customers also have access to a subset of the CMDB information using the customer portal. Another benefit of utilizing our CMDB is the reduced probability of human error by using pre-defined templates to generate configurations for different system components. The CMDB enables Basis Consulting to operate its customer’s SAP infrastructure in a cost efficient way. We are putting a lot of effort in our CMDB and it’s our “secret sauce” for our SAP operation.


Basis Consulting has more than 15 years of SAP monitoring experience and a lot of time and effort has been spent on optimizing the monitoring framework. Our monitoring consist over over 1000 monitoring items specially designed for SAP. This allows us to handle problems by short notice as well as observing mid- and long-term trends, changes, security issues and needed updates and patches.

Our people – experience counts

Because of the complicated nature of an SAP deployment, it’s critical to rely on an SAP hosting partner who has a wealth of experience and expertise. Basis Consulting has the largest team and most experienced SAP basis consultants. Since our founding in 1999, our team have delivered hundreds of upgrades, migrations and implementation projects. Our people and our internal tools are the reason we deliver quality SAP operation.

Included Services

Our one stop shop for SAP operation includes:

  •  24/7/365 Duty on call and service desk
  • 24/7/365 real time automated monitoring and alerting
  • Daily SAP health checks
  • Your own Service Level Manager
  • Your own Technical Account Manager
  • SAP, ISO27001 and ISAE3402 certifications
  • Access to over 30 SAP technical experts – no bureaucracy, talk directly to experts
  • Data centers in Norway (and in Germany Q1/2020)
  • SLA based on your needs
  • Most SAP services needed is part of our default operation, extra services defined in your own service catalog
  • We take responsibility for the whole value chain – from data center to SAP application layer

Hosting Operations

We operate and maintain SAP applications and offer complete hosting packages tailored to the customer’s SAP product portfolio. Extensive technical SAP administration skills and experience are mandatory and proven. 

SAP HANA operations

We have received certification from SAP for their ability to deliver operations services for solutions powered by the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform with high quality operational standards. 

Cloud and infrastructure operations

We offer infrastructure and cloud services tailored to SAP customers. Cloud service offerings from Basis Consulting certified by SAP encompass on-demand infrastructure and on-demand services for SAP products.