SAP Project Environment (Sandbox)

SAP Sandbox / Project Environment

Are you looking to evaluate SAP software or you need a flexible low cost SAP platform for your new project? Basis Consulting deliver the opportunity to test the functionality before making the commitment. If you do not have an SAP License, we can arrange a trial demo license for you. We also can provide SAP Licenses for any products at discounted rate as a monthly subscription. SAP Sandbox project Hosting includes:

  • Dedicated SAP platform on Linux with separate network zone in our data center.
  • Complete 24/7 support including snapshots and backup.
  • All SAP Operation can be provided for trouble free SAP operation.

To receive price quote please include the following information:

  1. SAP system(s) to be hosted
  2. Connection and interfaces needed to your company
  3. How long you plan to use the service for.

Our Sales representatives will get in touch with you shortly to present you with hosting options.