SAP Consulting Services

SAP Basis Consulting services

Basis Consulting started as a consulting company and we still deliver senior consultants in the technical area of SAP to customers onsite. Here are some of the services we have extensive experience and deep knowledge of:

SAP Infrastructure and Architecture

Do you need to change your SAP infrastructure because you have outgrown from existing platform? Thinking of changing your hardware, OS or database platform? Our consultants can advise within the full range of SAP infrastructure.


Challenges with security? Do you have too many “red lights” in your Early Watch reports? Our consultants can assist with analysis and suggest specific steps for taking your ERP system back to the confidence your company deserves.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Afraid your SAP systems will break down any minute? Unsure you can manage a Restore? Do you go around and worry that the SAP systems do not have the uptime you have promised your customers and employees? BasisConsulting has practical experience with HA, backup and recovery on all platforms. We can help you get your confidence back.

SAP Migrations

Occasionally there will be changes in your SAP environment which means a migration of the OS or database will be required. Basis Consulting has Norway’s best experts on migration. We have 15 certified migration consultants and we do many migrations every year. The migration project is not complicated, but you need experience and confidence. Basis Consulting is the safe choice.

Single Sign-on

We have experience of all the different options for SSO in SAP. Single Sign-On for SAP GUI using Kerberos, Single Sign-On for Web using Office365 and SAML 2.0 etc

SAP Health Check

A SAP health check is carried out according to a defined process which is gained through our long experience with SAP. The health check is carried out by consultants with long experience in SAP ERP, integration and architecture. A detailed report with specific recommendations for improvement will be delivered to the customer.

SAP Archiving

Large amounts of data in SAP can lead to poor performance and complex operation. It is expensive to have large amounts of data on disk, and this leads to longer backup and restore time. Challenges of database growth and associated operational complexity can be resolved with an archival project? Our service concept in archiving can help to overcome those challenges. The concept includes both the collection in the current solution and the establishment of filing procedures for the future.

SAP Tuning

Long response times in SAP? Transactions time out? Long running reports? Transferring data from one system to another takes hours? Upgrade of hardware without any results? Is this the reality of your business? Is it time to get SAP professionals to analyze why? It could be money saved to tune systems instead of constantly throwing more hardware. Basis Consulting has the experience and we can analyze your SAP environment and come up with concrete proposals on how to get your SAP system back where end users are satisfied.

SAP Project Management

Planning a major techincal SAP project? Need a good project manager who also has extensive experience with SAP? We at Basis Consulting has certified project managers who take the job.


Need help understanding if Hana is the right choice for you or have you already decided and you need help with the technical implementation? Basis Consulting has been running HANA in production since September 2012 and have the experience.