Basis Consulting and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

First of all, Norway has crucial sustainability advantages including a cool climate, plentiful renewable resources, and government dedication to carbon neutrality, all of which positively impact cost, energy and availability.

Sustainable solutions and products

Basis Consulting aims to conduct business in a way that minimizes negative impact on the environment and ensuring sustainable IT operation for our customers. Our data center uses 100% renewable energy and our whole compute platform is based on energy efficient hardware, and everything is fully virtualized – compute, storage and network.

What we do to deliver a minimum carbon footprint and use as less electricity as possible:

  • Use data center that promise 100 percent renewable energy.
  • Use energy-efficient data centre design principles.
  • Fully virtualized data center infrastructure on Compute, Storage and Network.
  • Replace older server hardware with newer, energy-efficient hardware as it becomes available.
  • Resource planning to avoid too much over capacity of unused hardware.
  • It is technically possible to move workload from and to any of our four data centers for efficient use of hardware.
  • Exclusively using SSD-based storage for production workloads.
  • Data reduction technologies such as compression, duplication and only use efficient disk backup hardware.
  • A program in place for recycling old equipment from our data centers.
  • Encourage our customers who have demand for a disaster solution (in the contract), to let us make development and test systems *”expendable” if a disaster scenario occur.


Basis Consulting is committed to making sure our part of the IT outsourcing business is as green as can be, Here are what we deliver in the social space to be a sustainable business: 

  • Avoiding unnecessary travel
  • Work-from-home policies to keep cars off the roads
  • Video call conferencing to reduce energy usage
  • 100 percent paperless business
  • An established system for day to day recycling for the offices in Oslo, Bergen and Porsgrunn
  • Encouraging staff to car-share and use the most carbon-friendly forms of transport as much as possible

Anti-corruption and business ethics

  • Respect labor rights and freedom of association
  • Ensure safe workplaces
  • Ensure non forms of forced labor or child labor take place
  • Has zero tolerance for all forms of corruption, money laundering or bribery

Supply chain control

It is important for us to get sustainable deliveries from our technology partners. This is how our technology partners help us to deliver an eco friendly private cloud platform:

  • Dell is primary supplier of compute and storage hardware and is a strategic partner. Dell shares the carbon impact of all their products with the public and delivers each product’s carbon footprint (PCF) to helps us understand its impact on the environment. Basis Consulting is using Dell’s product’s estimated carbon footprint reports when to choose best possible combination for price, performance and environmental impact.
  • Stack Infrastructure (aka Digiplex) is our data center housing partner in Oslo Center. Sustainability is an integral part of Digiplex’s business goals and values, The Ulven data center has used certified 100% hydroelectric power since 2009 and has won awards as some of the greenest and most energy efficient data centers in the world.
  • Orange Business Services (aka Basefarm) is our data center housing partner in Oslo North and work to promote more sustainable digital technology and make all efforts to reduce our own CO2 emissions. In 2020, they launched the Green Act, a program to encourage the entire company and its stakeholders to place environmental issues at the heart of their processes and activities.
  • Lumen is our data center housing partner in Hamburg, Germany and they are committed to identifying and implementing energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction initiatives. An initiative and achievement related to energy and emissions is to establish two science-based targets to reduce GHG emissions: SBT-1 is to reduce absolute scope of GHG emissions by 18% and SBT-2 is to reduce GHG emissions by 10%; both by 2025 from a 2018 baseline year.
  • NDC4 is our data center housing partner in Trondheim and delivers electricity based 100% from local hydro power plants.


Just because it’s digital, doesn’t mean it’s carbon free! However, Basis Consulting, as a small business in the IT operation world, is a very sustainable business and leaves a small carbon footprint. As this report shows, we have clear environmental commitments, Now , it’s up to you to choose a partner that values the planet as much as profit!